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Individual kayak tour at Wda river


To paddle trough the whole Wda You need about 8 days. This is the description of the whole trail:


Lipusz – there is drug store, health center, restaurant, shops. You can get there by train or by bus. While being in the city it’s worth to see the building of Bank Spółdzielczy and old church from 1866-1867 with movable altar, figure of saint Frank and Mary with child all saved from the big fire.

0,0km Start in Lipusz

3,0km under the bridge on the route Chojnice-Kościerzyna You should look out for the rocks and big sticks in the water, because the stream starts to go faster, after few moves of paddle it starts Wdzydzki Landscape Park. The stream is going faster but also the sandbanks are more often.

6,9km bridge in Płocice

8,4km wooden bridge near Ostrów Szwedzki, further on the right side of the river there is connection to the lake Osty

10,1km entrance to the lake Schodno, nearby there is nature path and on the right side of the lake there is a camping place. We reach the village Loryniec, before this one You should look out for the metal pile.

13,9km Wawrzyno city, there is a shop, till Czarlino there are many rocks on the bottom.

19,5km entrance to the Radolne lake, on the right side there is Słupinko Lake), together with Wdzydze, Jeleń and Gołuń lake they are creating so called Kaszubskie Sea, You are paddling near small Kozłowiec peninsula, than You should reach Wdzydze lake, You should be very careful with the wind, because it can make really big and dangerous waves so You should paddle close to the Ostrowa Wielka and Mała island.


wda2.jpg27,8km watergate before village Borsk, (150m carriage of the kayaks), You have to look out for the rocks in the water, that can damage Your kayaks (except kayaks made of polyethylene) next to it there is camping place and bar

28,9km bridge near Borsk – route Wdzydze-Wiele

29,9km branching of the river and the channel, nearby there is wooden bridge, next to it there is 20m carriage of kayaks, on this part of river Wda has many rocks on the bottom and very fast stream. If there is low level of water tour can be really exhausting, so You can turn on the Wda Channel and go with it till Miedzno and near village Wda move back to the river.

32,9km You are reaching village Bąk, the stream is very fast, in shop You can buy some food and other needed staffs


34,5km You are passing train bridge (related to Czersk-Kościerzyna), on the left side You can see first buildings of the village Miedzno and the camping place on the scarp, nearby there is reservation “Kamienne Kręgi” (stone circles) in Odry

40,4km buildings of village Wojtal, there is a shop, fish farm, You need to carry kayak about 15m trough the road and on the big scarp put them back to the water

42,7km You are passing big train bridge, You need to be careful, there are many rocks on the bottom

44,5km on the left side there is estuary to the lake Wieckie


49km You are reaching Czarna Woda, behind the bridge, there is camping a place and pension, after few meters You will pass train bridge and bridge on international route Szczecin-Malbrok, while passing those bridges You should look after the rocks and the stream.

Czarna Woda – in the city there are shops, restaurants, post office, sport area, marina, bus and train station. You can see there exposition “Nature of Bory Tucholskie”.

56,9km bridge in Zimne Zdroje, on the left side of the river there is a camping place, nearby there is connection to Zblewska Struga and Wda Chanel

59,4km camping place in Parcele Klanińskie called Tadonka


KI /21km

62,9km You are reach

ing Czubek where You can find camping place, bar and shop. You need to be careful because in this camping stealing is very common,

65km You are passin

g bridge in Czarne

74,2km camping place In Borzechowo



81,4km Młynki- small village with well prepared camping place, it’s not easy to do shopping here and You should look after the thief’s so keep Your stuff with You.

86,3km bridge on the route Chojnice-Skórcz – look after the rocks


92,9km Wda- on the remote area of his village there is very nice camping place,

94,9km hydro-electric power station in Wdecki Młyn, 50m carriage, on the next 200m there is a camping place made by forestry

98,9km You can see village Smolniki

102,3km connection with Kłębnica river

104,8km connection with Święta Struga, chich Leeds to the lake Stawski Młyn. Forester's lodge Żurawki with camping place
114,2 km Wild nature reserve„Krzywe Koło” In the loop of Wda river- forest is mixed with protection and many unique spiecies of trees
117,7km You are reaching Błędno- You should look after the stream and  places where are some leftovers after old bridge sticking out of water.
200m further there is a camping place, You are  reachnig Wdecki National Park


129,9km You are reaching Forester's lodge Pohulanka, his is the beginning of the harder part of the river, stream is much faster and  rocks on the bottom are really a trouble for non experienced kayakers, the first problem is passing collapsed oak, You should be very careful and keep paddles along the kayak, after few meters You will reach the bridge from where the kayak goes by himself

138,1km exit of Prusina, You are passing the bridge in the route Trzebciny-Osie, You are reaching Tleń. Tleń- it used to be a fishing settlement situated on the exit of the river Ryszka and Prusina, and a popular place for vacation
139,9km Żurski
, campsite, shop and kayaks rental on the peninsula, You should paddle on the left side in direction of the biggest island on the lake called Madera

wda14.jpg141,9km  bridge in the Grzybek village
145,5km begging of the channel that is connected to
hydro-electric power station (before entering the channel You need to get permission from the power station - 052 332 95 01 it is open between 7-22) after about by channel 900m You should pass small bridge and get to the left bank to the stairs on the opposite side of the power station buildings. You need to carry kayak about 150m next to the Power stadion on the right side.

156,2km bridge on the route Drzycim-Laskowice, If You want to go farther You need to check if the next power station is still working. Info about working hours You can get with this phone number 052 331 68 64


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I took a part in canoe trip last month and I was fascinated! Easy river, the best for me, who wasn't very advanced! We saw beaver's signs on the trees! I recommend this river very much!


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