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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Prices kayaks, canoe

Price list: 

Kayak polyethylene VISTA:



The most important data of kayak Vista:

  • polyethylene - extremely tough and resistant material ensuring lack of damage
  • opened cocpit ensure o lot of place for a ludgage even during long kayak tour
  • comfortable sits - collapsible for easier loading
  • map case at the bow
  • 2 longitudinal hollows in the bottom improving controllability of the kayak
  • special grips making carring of the kayak easier


  • length: 4,70 m
  • width: 78 cm
  • draught: 500 l
  • capacity: 290 kg
  • weight: about 33 kg

from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day 

Kajak Vista Kajak Vista Kajaki Vista kajak vista

vista10.jpg vista10b.jpg vista10a.jpg vista10c.jpg


Jett it's stable, expedition canoe for one:



  • comfortable folding seat with drains water

  • mesh bags for front and at the sides

  • plug aft
  • handles for transport
  • cymene holders fore and aft


  • length: 4,0 m

  • width: 70 cm
  • weigh: 29 kg
  • capasity: 190 kg

from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day
from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day 

Kayak polyethylene FINDER :


We offer FINDER 2-seat polyethylene tourist kayaks:

     polyethylene - extremely durable material ensuring NO damage
     durable seat - high, folded so that you can easily load your luggage into a canoe
     high side for even greater security
     seat construction for secure padding
     comfortable handles for transport
     the right width guarantees stability and high payload
     convex kill over the entire length of the kayak + 2 convex ballasts on both sides, which in combination with a wide and flat bottom ensures high stability on the water
     the possibility of installing an additional seat for a child
     length: 4.14 M

width: 80 cm
buoyancy - 460 l
load capacity - 300 kg
weight about 36 kg


from 1 to 3 days – 39 PLN/1 day

 from 4 to 8 days – 30 PLN/1 day
more than 8 days – 28 PLN/1 day  


  • Canoe for 3 person:

    Absolutely the cheapest canoe on the Polish market, made of very strong polyethylene, with interesting and rich furnishings! Check it out!!!

    Features of canoe:

    • Anatomically contoured seat
    • Central bench with storage, cup holders, rod
    • Waterproof compartment for small items
    • Practical support for paddles
    • Convenient handles on the bow and stern
    • Buoyancy material made of Styrofoam blocks placed under the benches
               Old-Town-Saranac-146-3.jpg Old-Town-Saranac-146-2.jpg
          Kanu polietylenowe
    Kanu polietylenowe

    from 1 to 3 days – 49 PLN/1 day
    from 4 to 8 days – 40 PLN/1 day
    more than 8 days – 38 PLN/1 day


    + costs of transport

    Trailers for 10 kayaks with European homologation.

    Full specifications:

    • cross sections in the visible finished PVC caps    
    • bolts and nuts, M6, M8, PVC overlay completed    
    • jockey wheel with adjustable clamp    
    • German unbraked axle KNOTT
    • tires of size 155 R 13 - 2 pcs    
    • alloy reinforced with 4 1 Jx13 H2, spacing 100 x 4 2 pcs
    • Special exhaust internal buffer zone protected
    • transport canoes lying on the bottom of a maximum of 10 pieces


    • Overall length 5200 mm
    • Overall width 2030 mm
    • total height 2580 mm
    • width of the space to carry the kayak 900 mm
    • 470 kg payload of trailer
    • Total weight 750 kg



     Prices:przyczepa kajakowa01-min.jpg

    • from 1 to 8 kayaks - 1,80 PLN/km
    • from 9 to 10 kayaks - 2,00 PLN/km






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