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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

If you are planing to spend a holiday rest in a kayak, our company has been providing kayak tour for 20 years already. Here we answered most of questions You would ask.

If there is anything more You would like to know, contact us on biuro@kajaki.pl


1. Is the transport  to the starting point available? – The transport to the starting point from end point of drivers is available (about 3-4 people).
2. Do you have 1-person kayaks available in your offer? – We have 1 and  2-person kayaks and 3-person canoe available.
3. Can we see your kayaks? – Here is the website where you can see the photos of our kayaks and canoe http://www.kajaki.pl/our-kayaks-and-canoes,prices-2018,en,62.html
4. Can we get to the starting point by train or bus ? – To some of the cities you can get by train or buses -  here is link to the website where you can check the  timetable  - https://www.e-podroznik.pl/  
5. Do you have the map of the route?- We have all the maps  i but most of the routes  are only in polish aftrem making reservation we can send some by e mail 
6. Is there a possibility to leave the car at the guarded car park? – You can leave your car safely at the car parks which are at the bootstations in the certain start points. 
7.  Is there a possibility to leave the bicycle in a safe place? 
       Like cars You can leave your bikes  in the certain start points.  
8.   Are there a lot of insects by the river? – By every river there are insects, but there are no rivers where the amount of insects is much bigger than at the others. It depends on the weather, not on the river.
9.  How late do we need to make a decision about the kayak tour? How long can we put the decision about the kayak tour off? – When you decide to make a kayak tour, we are making you the reservation, and give you the time to pay pre-payment at our bank account which is 100% confirmation that you won’t change your mind.
10.  Is the pre-payment before the kayak tour needed? – The pre-payment is for us 100% confirmation, that your kayak tour will take place. After paying pre-payment we can negotiate when you will need to pay the whole amount.
11.  Can you give us the IBAN number? Here is our international bank account (IBAN) 

IBAN PL70 2130 0004 2001 0579 7170 0001 ,



12.  Is there any big supermarket at the starting point to make our shopping before the kayak tour? – It is better do shoping before start ,in some starts points there no shops.
13.  Can we pay in EURO or it is needed in PLN? What it the course of EURO? /How high would be the price in EURO? The present course in available at the : http://www.nbp.pl/home.aspx?f=/Kursy/kursy.htm . It is better to change the money earlier because in the small cities it can be a problem.
14.  Is there enough place to put tent, sleeping bag, cooker... in the kayak?
The kayaks made of  polyethylene  has quite a lot of place to put your luggage in. Those kayaks has also well profiled sits.Those kayaks are very comfortable and are ideal for every kind of river. Even if it has faster stream and obstacles as Czarna Hańcza. Baggage needs to be divided into smaller ones It is best to put in garbage bags; -) - will be water resistant - the cheapest way.Part of the luggage folds out on the burds and between the legs. We must take care of the proper placement of our luggage in a kayak. We place heavy, unneeded items during the day in the stern and bow. Things that can be useful on the water at hand. Objects longer than a mat or tent can easily float in the cockpit, by the sides.It is also good to place more kilos in the stern, not in the bow. More submerged beak means worse boat nautical. 
Only the first time  of  Packing a  kayak or  canoe is difficult  :-)
15.  Are kayaks with rudder availabe? – NO - We have kayaks without rudders. Here is our website about our equipment, kayaks and canoes  - http://www.kajaki.pl/our-kayaks-and-canoes,prices-2018,en,62.html
16.  Do those kayaks have comfortable seats  appropriate for few-days tour? Kayaka made of polyethylene has well profiled seats which are more comfortable even than  canoes.
17.  Is payment for guide and camping sites enclosed in the payment for the group kayak tour? – Generally we give the price without those things included, but there is such a possibility.
18.  Which part of the river could you recommend?- Could you give me a plan for one week kayak tour? - Write biuro@kajaki.pl to get a plan for a particular river.
19.  Is food encolsed in the payment? – Most often participants take care of their food on their own.
20.  Do the drivers speak  foreign languages. Of course our drivers speaks foreign languages but you should handle all the business with our office. If you have any questions please contact our office biuro@kajaki.pl  +48 601 211 141, +48 601 945 219
21.  Is there a possibility to extend or to shorten the tour by the phone during the trip? – If you want to extend you tour please do it before the trip because we have other reservations and it possible that the kayaks are not available at this time.Shorten always is possible.
22.  Are there any camping sites at the route? – At any river there are special places to camp.
23.  Can we rent water resistant bags, tents, drifts? – Such things are available to rent.
24.  Can you organize place to sleep( hotels, B&B etc.) at the kayak route? - There could be a problem to find a room for one or two nights. You will be in different villages every night, that is why it is better to stay at the camping site with the tent.We have KRYTNIA de LUX -  with nights in 2-4 persons rooms in Riverside Hostel (showers are often in a separate building outside) >>>
25.  How much does the camping site cost? – It costs about 20 zł for a tent.
26.  How much does the renting of x kayaks at the Y river for Z days cost? – Please write or call us, so that we can count it all and give you a proper cost calculation.
27.  Can we send you back scaned transfer conformation? – Of course it is not a problem. You can send it also by an e-mail.
28.  Is fishing at polish rivers allowded? You must have a special permision to fish at polish waters.
29.  Is making shopping during the tour available? – It would be better for you to make the shopping beffore the trip, because it could be a problem at the start place. But on most rivers there are shops on the way.
30.  Can we pay for the trip at the starting point? – We need you to pay the pre-payment to confirm your reservation.

Our rental bases :

BRDA - brda@kajaki.pl  

SZKARPAWA i NOGAT - nogat@kajaki.pl

DRAWA - drawa@kajaki.pl


HAŃCZA i  ROSPUDA -  hancza@kajaki.pl

SAPINA i WĘGORAPA -  sapina@kajaki.pl 

BIEBRZA                   -  biebrza@kajaki.pl


KRUTYNIA - krutynia@kajaki.pl 

ŁYNA - lyna@kajaki.pl

MARÓZKA - marozka@kajaki.pl

OMULEW - omulew@kajaki.pl

DRWĘCA - drwęca@kajaki.pl


LITWA - litwa@kajaki.pl


INNE TRASY  - info@kajaki.pl


Price list 2021

vista pionowo.gif

Kayak polyethylene 2 persons :

from 38 PLN  - 99 PLN/1 day


Canoe for 3 persons:
from 48 PLN  - 99 PLN/1 ńday

  +costs of transport

Kayaks with guarantee!!

While renting a kayak made of polyethylene at our company, you have 100% guarantee, that it won't become damaged - even at severe rivers.
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Mazury: Dajna and Guber | Drwęca | Kośna | Krutynia | Łyna | Marózka | Omulew | Pisa Warmińska - Dadaj - Wdąg  | Sapina
Pojezierze Drawskie: Drawa | Gwda | Korytnica | Piława | Rurzyca | Wełna
Pomorze: Łeba | Łupawa and Bukowina | Parsęta | Radunia | Rega | Słupia | Wieprza | Wierzyca and Wietcisa
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