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We organize kayak and canoe trips
on all rivers in Poland

Individual kayaking and canoing at Brda river

2-3 days tour

If you have only few days free, it is worth to see the most interesting and the most beautiful part of the river. kaj1.jpg
We especially recommend the route:
1st day: Swornegacie - Mylof /23 km
2nd day: Mylof - Brda /19 km
3rd day: Brda - Gołąbek /19 km
The route, which we propose you is very varied. You can count on the beautyful views, silence and calmness, because you will swimmthrough the Zaborsky View Park and National Park of Tuchola Borons. The initial part of the river is very calm, you will have time to accustom yourself with the kayak. Next stage will give you a chance to practice maneuvering, the river speeds up, broken trees appears in the water. To Swornegacie you will get by bus from Chojnice or Brus. (Actual bus timetable http://www.pks.chojnice.pl/). If you travel by car, you can leave it at the safe car park next to the camping site “Nad Brdą” (about 900m away from the centre). After the tour we will take the drivers to their cars.
kaj8.jpgAtractions at the route:
- In the village Swornegacie behind the bridge canoeists placed occasional board memorializing John Paul II, who struggled Brda not even once.
- At the dam in Mylof, you can taste the fresh trout.
- next to the camping site Gołąbek the natural-didactic route „Jelenia Wyspa” made by foresters and dendrological garden are placed.

4-5 days kayak tour

If you want to take 4-5 days tour you will have a chance to swim through the longer part of the river.
We propose you the route all the way to the Koronowski Floodage:
1st day : Swornegacie - Mylof /23 km
2nd day : Mylof - Brda /19 km
3rd day : Brda - Gołąbek /19 km
4th day : Gołąbek - Świt /13 km
5th day : Świt - Gostycyn Nogawica /12 km
In the final part of the route at exciting crossing through Piekiełko is waiting for you, picturesque breakthrough of the river with numerous rapids.
Additional attractions on the route:
- behind the train bridge near Tuchola Kamień Jagiełły – natural monument, conical findling, nearby village Rudzki Most is a place of the II World War 1939’ martyrdom.
- sacred spot Piekiełko, picturesque breakthrough of the river with numerous rapids, Dęby Napoleońskie, natural monument Oak Wisielec.

 4-5 days kayak tour

Harder variant of the kayak tour, which we recommend for experienced canoeists, looks as follows:zbrzyca4.JPG
1st day : Świeszyno - Żołna /19 km
2nd day : Żołna - Folbrycht /11 km
3rd day : Folbrycht - Przechlewo /20 km
4th day : Przechlewo - Konarzyny /14 km
5th day : Konarzyny - Swornegacie /17 km
This option of the tour should take people experienced in kayaking. Special preparation for the tour is needed. You should take with you a proper amount of food, because of lack of shops in neighboring villages and not enough stocked. Flaoting this river it is certain to meet collapsed trees, over which you will need to carry kayaks. You will have a chance to spent few day with only wild nature. To Świeszyno yoy will get by bus from Miastko (few buses a day, check on http://www.rozklady.com.pl/ national interactive buses timetable). If you travel by car we propose to drive all the participants to the start of the tour, and leave the car at the end of the kayak toue in the safe car park next to the camping site „Nad Brdą” (about 900m away from the centre). We will take drivers from there with kayaks to Świerszyno. If you prefere leaving cars in Świerszyno, you can do that in the pension Słoneczny Stok.
Attractions at the route:
- Reserve "Przytoń" inhabited mainly by beavers and otters. :)
- Reserve "Osiedle Kormoranów" – grey heron’s place of breeding.

Proposition of 9-days kayak tour:

Proposition of route with one day free on Charzykowskie Lake:
1st day - Start spływu: Szczytno - Sąpolno
2nd day - Sąpolno - j. Charzykowskie
3rd day - j Chrzykowskie - Swornegacie
4th day - przerwa w Swornegaciach nad jeziorem Charzykowskim
5th day - Swornegacie - Mylof
6th day - Mylof - Brda
7th day - Brda - Gołąbek
8th day - Gołąbek - Świt
9th day - Świt - Gostycyn Nogawica

Proposition without a day of rest:

1st day - Start spływu: Nowa Brda - Szczytno
2nd day - Szczytno - Sąpolno
3rd day - Sąpolno - j. Charzykowskie
4th day - j Chrzykowskie - Swornegacie
5th day - Swornegacie - Mylof
6th day - Mylof - Brda
7th day - Brda - Gołąbek
8th day - Gołąbek - Świt
9th day - Świt - Gostycyn Nogawica
9-10 day kayaking tour
That is more or less how much time is needed to get to know the whole Brda river from Świerszczyn to Gostycyń Nogawica

A few photos from the upper part of the Brda river:
 brda02.JPG  brda03.JPG
 brda05.JPG  brda06.JPG  brda07.JPG
 brda09.JPG  brda10.JPG  brda11.JPG


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    commentWe run from Swornegacie to Świt during 4 days, we were 3 kayaks. The river's very interesting with many attractions on our way, like animals or wild nature.We did this trip last mounth,the weather was nice! It was really a great trip,I loved it very much!


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