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Krutynia de lux 2018 - 8 days - Sorkwity - Nowy Most


Guided Route description

de lux-min.jpg

Krutynia is believed to be one of the most interesting of Europe's low-lying routs. The route is very exciting, varied and picturesque. It crosses The Pisz Wilderness and The Mazurian View Park. Attractiveness of this route is expressed not only in the ability of staying among primeval nature but also a in the availability of well developed base of riverside hostels and properly equipped camps . While going down the Krutynia River there are a lot of places worth visiting. They are: Neo-Gothic Palace in Sorkwity, Wild Animals Park in Kadzidlowo, Old-Believers Monastery in Wojnowo, the Pranie forester's lodge, Zakret (Bend), and Królewska Sosna (The Royal Pine) Reserves. While being in Ukta you must have a sauna which is situated near the river.

The terms runoff 2018 season:

23.06-30.06; 30.06-07.07; 07.07-14.07; 14.07-21.07; 21.07-28.07; 28.07-04.08;

04.08-11.08; 11.08-18.08

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accommodation in cottages - 1.060 z / os.

accommodation in tents (2 person tent in the price) - 1.000 z / os. 

1 day (Saturday) Arrival of participants to SW PTTK in Sorkwity. Accommodation from 16.00 hours, consult with a guide, schedule runoff.
Day 2 (Sunday)   Familiarize participants with equipment, rafting on the route SW PTTK Sorkwity 
- SW PTTK Bieki - 16 km away.  
Day 3 (Monday) Rafting on the route PTTK Bieki SW - SW PTTK Babita - 10 km.
Day 4 (Tuesday) Rafting on the route PTTK Babita SW - SW PTTK Spychowo - 11 km away.
Day 5 (Wednesday) Rafting on the route SW PTTK Spychowo - SW PTTK Death - 9 km. 
Day 6 (Thursday) Rafting on the route PTTK Death SW - SW PTTK Krutyn - 14 km away. 
Day 7 (Friday) Rafting on the route PTTK Krutyn SW - SW PTTK New Bridge - 20 km.
Day 8 (Saturday) Around noon, the end of the runoff. Return by minibus from the New Bridge to 
the PTTK campsite in Sorkwity

   We provide:

domki ukta-min.jpg

          • nights in 2-4 persons rooms in Riverside Hostel (showers are often in a separate building outside)
          • three meals per day (breakfast, lunchbox at the canoeing, supper)
          • a seat in 2-person kayak, life-jacket, a paddle
          • an instructor- guide on the canoe route
          • luggage transport
          • insurence - 10 000 PLN
          • back to Sorkwity by mikrobus

spywKrutynai-min.jpgNot included:

          • climate charge - about 2,5 PLN/person/day
          • using showers in some riverside hostels (about 7 PLN/person/one shower)
          • secure parking pleace at SW PTTK Sorkwity 5 PLN/day

Children under 3 years - free of charge;
children under 10 years - discount 50 z, an additional discount of 50 z with half board.

"Krutynia de lux" is organised in cooperation with PTTK Mazury.




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