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Individual kayak tour at Kośna river

1. Day, Łajs - Pajtuński Młyn /15km

Starting place:  Village Łajs. This is the border between historical Warmia and Mazury, village is situated between two lakes Łajskie and Kośno (the biggest in Purda community, it’s a nature reserve which was formed to preserve destroying of the landscape of lake surrounded by the forests). You can launch kayaks on the beach owned by pension Adler, where is also camping place. You should keep close to left shore of the lake heading on north-east. On the north side of the lake where it’s getting narrow You should get more to the right shore and paddle on Kośna river. On the 7th km there is estuary of river Kośna from Kośna lake. The river meander among forest. On the way You will pass one bridge with local route and few more smaller on the forests trails. About 9th km village Purdka. Paddling on, after the train bridge on the left there is big meadow surrounded by the forest.  This is very good place to have a rest after first hardships of paddling. The river is slowly getting out of forest and starts to go through the meadows meandering.

About 13km there is a bridge, and about 0,5km on east from it Purda village. There is possibility to reach the shore about 0,5km before that bridge. In the village there are shops and local authorities of the community, there is also historic church, gothic from XIV century, rebuilt in later years. In the church You can see interesting altar Saint Hubert, patron of hunters.

About 15km You are passing Różany Dwór in Pajtuński Młyn. There is a pension and a camping place on the left bank of the river Kośna. In the pension complex there is small stud farm and historic mill from the end of the XVII century. Nowadays there is water-power station. Next to the mill there is figure of Saint Jan Nepomucena, very popular saint in Warmia, patron of the rivers and people living thanks to the water.

 2. Day, Pajtuński Młyn – Silice/ 7km


16km  Carriage of the kayaks because of the water-dam, path on the right bank. River still goes among forests. 17km  Patryki, ruins of the water mill from the end of the XIX century and another carriage of kayaks on the right side of the river. 19km Patryki-Rybaczówka. The Kośna river is connecting with huge backwater with fishes. This is the end of Kośna. Farther You can only go farther through man’s made channels Elżbieta and Kiermas, to those two channels are directed water of Kośna. You need to carry kayak for 200m to get to the Kiermas Chanel, there are lots of reeds and rushes. 22 km Wiktoria Channel, connects with Kiermas river from it’s left side and leads to Silickie Lake. 23km aqueduct in Silice, very rare historic hydraulic engineering, it used to be water intersection of two channels, on the top there is Elżbiety Channel and on the bottom Wiktoria Channel. When You get to the Silice lake, small reservoir (surface about 50 ha) You should direct to the right shore. 24km Agrotouristic Farm run by Mr. Tadeusz Iliński, You can spend there night, eat something and spend nice time because there are many atractions on the farm waiting for You.


3. Day, Silice - Barczewo 14 km


Aprox. 25km After turning back from Wiktoria Channel to Kiermas Channel You should turn left. 28km Bogdańskie lake (surface 23,5 ha) on it’s left shore there is Bogdany village, You can find there camping place, pension, and some bars with food. Bridge and after bridge estuary of river Kiermas from the lake. 29km passing Umląg lake. It’s shallow lake with medium deep 1,9m and max 5m. 32km village Krupoliny there is bridge and estuary from the lake, farther short part of wide river. 33km Kiermas  lake, You should keep close to the left shore 35km In 2/3 of lenght of the lake there is estuary of the Kiermas river, and river reaches Barczewo.

38km  Barczewo city on Warmia and Mazury on the Pisa river about 7,5 thousand citizens, located in 1364 r. It was named after second world war, after priest Walenty Barczewski, who fought for those terrains to be Polish. In 1877 in Barczewo was born Feliks Nowowiejski, compositor, created melody to „Rota”. Very important part of the history of this city is penal institute, in which was situated till his dead in1896 Erich Koch.

In the city You should keep left side of the river, get to stone stairs and You need to carry Your kayak about 300m to Kiermas channel, which is connected to Pisa Warmińska. You should be careful with putting kayaks back to the water because the stream is very strong.


 4. Day Dzień Barczewo - Wadąg 14,39km/


On about 38 km Kiermas river connects with Pisa Warmińska. After the bridge river starts to meandering and You will pass on Your way many meadows and forests. On the way You will see very high train bridge and after few kilometers another bridge but his time on the route. After the last bridge You will get to Wadąg lake On about 46 km You are reaching Wadąg lake. You should be very careful with it with almost every wind direction. You should keep close to the left shore until You pass on Your right side meadows and first buildings of Myki village. In this moment You should direct on the right shore of the lake and paddle to Wadąg river. 52km Myki village and the beginning of Wadąg river. Stream is very slow, river is wide and very deep. After passing few meanders You will see bridge and straight part of the river. 52 km Wadąg „Trzcinowa Dolina"- You can spend there night.


5.day Wadąg - Dywity ll,14km


53km  Wadąg. Water power station, You hale to carry kayak on the right bank can be a problem because it’s made of concrete  54km Kieźliny there is another power station. You should also take Your kayak and carry it on the right side. Stream is rather fast, on the bottom there are many rocks some of them are even above the water level. Bridge. After the bridge there is very wide pool, his is the place where Łyna and Wadąg are connecting.  59km  Estuary of Wadąg river to Łyna, You should paddle In direction of the left shore, there is very nice place to carry kayak through the power station. You can put kayak back to the water after the power station, stream very slow finally it disappear. 64km  Dywity. On the wide curve of Łyna there is a camping place on the right bank.


 6. Day Dywity - Kłódka 16 km

65km Brąswałd and another power station, You should carry kayaks on the left bank- this trail is easy but rather long. Artificial stream of the Łyna leads through Kesing and Mosąg lakes. 67km Exit from Mosąg lake, bridge on the route Barkweda – Brąswałd, on periods with higher levels of water You need to carry kayaks. Farther trail is rather easy. 79km Kłódka city, rather small village situated on the left bank of Łyna. You can spend there night, right after the bridge on the right bank. Unfortunately there’s no shop or other facilities

 7. Day Kłódka - Dobre Miasto 14 km

79km The last part of the trail. Slow, without any carriages and handicaps. River is meandering among the meadows and grasses.  The only handicap on the trail are collapsed trees, but it’s not very often. Until Dobre Miasto the river is very calm. 93km Dobre Miasto. Koniec city, finish of the trail near kolegiata




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